Are you in need of efficient, safe Frederick swimming pool removal services? Acting as a community resource, our Remove A Pool demolition experts are ready to help you reclaim your property space. Following all safety protocols, we provide high-end results with a fast turnaround rate.

Why Back Fill A Swimming Pool in Frederick

In the beginning, installing a swimming pool seemed to be the best type of family activity. Over time, the pool may actually be an unwelcomed landscape obstacle. We at Remove A Pool hear many reasons for filling in a swimming pool in Frederick, Maryland including:

  • Decrease monthly utility expenses.
  • Eliminate pool related maintenance and cleaning costs.
  • No longer in use.
  • Want to create a usable backyard space for entertaining guests.
  • Getting ready to place the property on the market.
  • Eliminate liabilities.

Our Highly-Rated Process for Removing a Swimming Pool in Frederick, Maryland

Fully insured and certified, we approach every pool with complete professionalism. We recognize each Frederick swimming pool removal is unique to the property. Removing the pool in a safe, efficient manner is our main goal.

Free Estimate and Consultation

Starting with a free estimate, our Frederick swimming pool removal experts will go over your needs. Developing the best plan action, we will proceed as soon as you accept our affordable quote.


Regardless of the size of your pool, we will need to obtain proper permits for removal. Allowing us at Remove A Pool to do this step will save you time and money.

Demolition Process

Our Frederick swimming pool removal specialists use top of the line equipment for efficiency. Understanding the importance of your property, we use proven techniques to minimize the impact on your surroundings. Remove A Pool offers two highly rated pool removal choices.

  • Full Removal: We remove all components of your swimming pool from your property.
  • Partial: Leaving most of the structure in the ground, we remove the top part of the swimming pool. After punching holes in the bottom for proper drainage, we bury the rest of the pool.


Pool removal is extremely messy. Sorting usable materials for recycling, we take the time to clean and clear the area to meet your expectations.

If you are ready for your free estimate for removing a swimming pool in Frederick, Maryland please contact us at Remove A Pool today.