Have a swimming pool in your backyard?Are you spending more time maintaining it than you are actually enjoying it? Would you rather have more outdoor space to play with the dog, expand the deck, or simply expand your lawn area?

If you’re considering removing a swimming pool in Fort Washington, Maryland, we’re here to help. We’re Remove A Pool, and we take pride in delivering the most comprehensive pool demolition, disposal, and site restoration services in the business.

Whether you have a gunite, molded fiberglass, vinyl, or custom concrete pool, you can count on us to take care of everything it takes to completely remove the pool using safe, efficient methods we’ve fine-tuned over the past 25 years. Our team of hand-selected experts are committed to exceeded your expectations with our high-quality workmanship, attention to detail, and dedication to you, our valued client.

Signs It’s Time To Have Your Swimming Pool Removed

If you’re like most homeowners who have a pool they’re thinking of removing, chances are good that your life has changed since your pool was first installed. Perhaps your kids have grown up and moved away from home, or they’re simply too busy to play in the pool like they used to.

Maybe you’ve developed health concerns that make it difficult to enjoy your backyard pool, or you just aren’t interested in all the work and maintenance costs it takes to keep a pool on your property. You could be worried that someone will end up hurting themselves in your pool, or your pool will develop a leak and flood your property.

No matter what your reasons are for researching removing a swimming pool is, we’re here to answer all of your questions about pool demolition.

Free, No-Obligation Quotes

Here at Remove A Pool, we provide each of our clients with a free, no-obligation quote that clearly outlines everything that’s involved with removing their pool.

When you call us, we’ll schedule a time to review your project, discuss your goals, and explain the differences between partial and complete pool removal so you can choose the service that best fits your goals and budget.

And because we’re a full-service swimming pool removal company, we’ll take care of everything needed to remove your pool – that includes the permits, insurance, debris removal, and site restoration. On request we’ll even plant fresh grass seed over the project site to finish the job.

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Call us today to learn more about removing a swimming pool in Fort Washington, Maryland, and remember, we’re the company that delivers the professional, no-stress pool removal solution!