Swimming pool demolition services can help you to free up your space and have the ability to use your backyard anyway you would like to again. Remove A Pool can help you to free up that space. Our team of skilled and experienced professionals has the resources and ability to help restore your backyard to a space you want it to be. When you contact Remove A Pool, we’ll provide a full consultation and a free estimate to help you decide whether or not removing is the right thing for your home.

Benefits of Removing a Swimming Pool in Gaithersburg

Many of our clients need to remove a pool from their backyard simply because they want to be able to use that space for something else. Whether you just want a green lawn or you want to add a large patio or other entertainment space, our goal is always to create a flat, even surface that allows you to achieve all of your goals. We encourage you to work closely with our team to see that outcome.

There are financial benefits to pool removal as well. Those include:

  • No longer having to pay for pool chemicals.
  • No need for pool service and maintenance services.
  • No need to make significant repairs to your pool.
  • Lower home insurance costs due to the reduced liability.
  • More opportunity to boost your home’s value.

No matter what your needs are, Remove A Pool is happy to help you. We also work hard to make sure the process is as easy as possible for your needs. Discuss your goals with our team today and we can get started on the process.

What Happens During Pool Removal?

Our team will first secure all of the necessary permits necessary from your city. We’ll also meet any stipulations required as much as possible. Our team will create a plan for pool removal that does the least amount of damage to your landscaping. And, then the process begins. We’ll remove and drain the water from within the pool as a next step. To do this, we will crack the bottom of the pool to allow water to drain. This is the most cost effective and safest method available.

From there, we will handle the removal of the concrete. For partial pool removal, we’ll remove the concrete edges of the pool. We’ll then leave the rest of the material and fill in the space with gravel and soil. This creates a solid surface. In full pool removal, our goal is to remove all of the structure or as much of it as is possible. Either option is available to you.

Give Remove A Pool a call today to discuss your needs. Our team will work with you to remove your pool to meet your schedule. We’ll also discuss the specifics related to the project and give you the resources you need to get your yard back to where you want it to be. Schedule a free estimate today.