Do you spend more time cleaning you pool than you do actually swimming in it? Are you tired of the steady stream of friends and neighbors who always want to use your private pool? Is it time to reclaim your backyard by having your unwanted pool taken out?

When you’re looking for a Garden Grove, California swimming pool removal company you can count on to take good care of you and your property, call us. We’re Remove A Pool, and we’ve been providing premium, all-inclusive pool removal services for over 25 years, making us the most experienced pool removal contractors in the business.

Complete Pool Removal Solutions

Here at Remove A Pool we specialize in helping homeowners like you enjoy freedom from their outdated, damaged, or neglected swimming pools. We’re the experts when it comes to removing a swimming pool in Garden Grove, California because swimming pool removal is all we do.

Our team of skilled pool removal experts are all fully insured, licensed, and trained in all aspects of pool disconnection, demolition, and removal, saving you the added time and hassles that can come with trying to hire multiple contractors to complete your pool removal project.

Worry-Free Pool Removal in Garden Grove, CA

As a full-service pool removal company, we understand that you don’t want to worry about whether or not your pool demolition complies with local building codes; if the water in your pool will flood your property; or what you’ll do with all the debris from your old pool.

We work hard to ensure that your pool removal job is the easiest home improvement project you’ll ever take on – that means our team of pool removal experts take care of all the details that go into making your pool removal successful.

We start by meeting with you to evaluate your goals, assess your pool, and help you choose between partial and full pool removal. We’ll leave you with a clear, all-inclusive complimentary quote so that you’ll know exactly what removing a swimming pool will cost before we begin any work.

Transforming Your Outdoor Space

At Remove A Pool, our services go beyond simply disconnecting your old pool, draining out all the standing water, and demolishing the structure. Our goal is to leave your yard safe, level, and ready to enjoy – that’s why we also include complete debris disposal and site remediation services in all of our project quotes.

When you choose us to remove your pool, we’ll ensure that all the concrete, plastic, metal, fiberglass, and other waste from your pool is disposed of in a way that’s safe for the environment. We’ll then fill in the space where your pool was with clean sand, soil, and gravel, and at your request, we will seed the entire project site down with fast-growing grass seed.

Contact Us

To schedule your complimentary project review and estimate with one of ourswimming pool removal experts, contact us here at Remove A Pool today.