Why remove your in-ground swimming pool? Every homeowner has a unique set of circumstances for which engaging our swimming pool demolition and removal services are needed. For instance, some new homeowners do not want the added responsibility of caring for a swimming pool. Leaving the pool unused, family members may have grown and left home. Others may want to implement a new pool design into the landscape scheme. The reasons for removing a pool in Germantown, Maryland are endless. Regardless of your personal reason, Remove A Pool offers comprehensive pool removal services to meet your needs.

Top Quality Germantown, Maryland Swimming Pool Demolition

As a do it yourself person, you may be wondering why you should hire professionals for removing a pool. The process of pool demolition is hazardous work. Using the top of the line equipment, machinery, tools, and techniques allow our specialists to handle the process with efficiency. Paying attention to the smallest details, our experts provide high-quality service. Prior to the actual demolition, we prepare the job site.

  • Research local ordinances and zoning regulations for pool removal.
  • Obtain the necessary permits.
  • Drain water from the pool, if needed.
  • Ensure all utility connections are off.

After site preparation, our swimming pool demolition experts are ready to begin. Remove A Pool offers two types of pool removal services.

  • Partial Pool Removal: Our Remove A Pool experts break down the pool’s structure into easier to handle pieces. After removing a portion of the pool, we simply bury the rest of the structure. The advantage of partial pool removal is a faster turnaround rate at a lower price.
  • Full Pool Removal: Our crew removes all components of your swimming pool. The advantage to full pool demolition is eliminating restrictions on future building projects.

No matter the option, our Remove A Pool experts will pack the open space with gravel and top soil. Ensuring you have the cleanest area for your next project, our experts add backfill to meet your specifications.

As our pool demolition experts clear away debris, we engage in recycling efforts. Concrete, wood, brick and other forms of usable materials do not go to the local landfills. Striving to minimize our impact on the environment, Remove A Pool participates in green solutions.

If you would like to learn more about our high-quality Germantown, Maryland pool demolition and removal services, please contact us today. Offering a 5-year work guarantee, Remove A Pool wants to help you reclaim your property to engage in the next landscaping project.