Removing a swimming pool in Haltom City, Texas starts with giving Remove A Pool a call. Our team has the experience and dedication to provide you with an exceptional experience. It is important to know that removing a swimming pool can be a complex job with a number of steps to take. Yet, throughout the process, we will do our best to keep your property safe and secure. Our team is trusted and we have years of experience helping homeowners to reclaim their backyard into a space they want to use again.

Why Remove Your Pool?

Swimming pool removal might be needed for numerous reasons. For some families, removing an unwanted pool allows you to make room for open deck space, green space, a garden, or even something special such as a fire pit or outdoor kitchen. For others, it is all about expanding an existing pool to make it larger. Many of our homeowners remove their unwanted pool because it is too expensive to maintain, unable to be repaired, or simply costing them too much money. In all situations, Remove A Pool can help you to get rid of the pool and replace it with whatever you need.

Schedule a Consultation

The first step is to call Remove A Pool to schedule a consultation. Our technicians will come to your home and talk to you about your options. It’s important that we are able to get equipment to the pool and discuss the types of pool demolition you want. For those removing a swimming pool in Haltom City there may be the need to obtain a permit to do so. That’s something we can help you with. Our team will discuss any concerns you have at this time.

You may wish to choose a partial pool removal. This is what most of our clients select because it is more cost effective and provides the same result in most cases. In it, we remove the upper portions of the walls from the pool but leave the remaining foundation in place. In a full pool removal, we remove all of the structure and, then, we haul all of that material away.

In all situations, we begin by drilling a hole into the foundation. This allows the water there to dissipate in a safe manner. We then handle the demolition and fill in the open space with gravel and soil. We compact it to create the level, secure surface you need. And, when that is over, you can trust us to help you prepare the area for other goals if you need.

Give Remove A Pool a call today to request a free estimate for your swimming pool demolition project in Haltom City.