Do you need to remove your unwanted swimming pool? Removing a swimming pool in Hampstead, Maryland is as easy as calling Remove A Pool. We offer complete pool removal services for both residential and commercial property owners. Our crews are experienced and work efficiently to remove your pool as planned. We are licensed and insured and will bring all the equipment needed to remove your swimming pool and haul it away. We can even plant grass seed before departing!

Hampstead, Maryland Swimming Pool Removal Services

Remove A Pool specializes in removing all types of swimming pools. When you contact us about removing a swimming pool, we’ll visit the site to evaluate the job. At this time, we can talk about what type of removal will work best for you. Some customers opt for a partial removal where we leave part of the pool’s foundation in place. We drill holes into it before covering it with earth to ensure proper drainage—which is essential for the well-being of the landscape. Some customers prefer a complete removal; in these instances, we remove all of the pool before filling in the gap with earth.

After we assess the job, we can provide you with an upfront quote for our services. We charge fair rates for the work we do. If you need, we can even obtain the necessary permits for the job. After we remove the pool from your premises, we’ll fill in the void and remove all the debris from your property.

Our  Pool Demolition Technicians 

Remove A Pool carefully screens our employees to ensure that meet our high standards for service. Our operators are trained and licensed to employ our heavy-duty equipment and tools. Throughout the pool removal, they’ll prioritize safety all around the site. You can trust our crews to complete the job professionally so you can reclaim your space and use if for another purpose.

Why Remove Your Pool?

Our customers have lots of different reasons for contracting with us for swimming pool removal. Often, their swimming pool is simply too old to invest in any more repairs. Even the most meticulously cared for pools will eventually succumb to cracks or other problems. Both commercial and residential customers have mentioned that the expense of maintaining their pools is simply too much to justify. Others just outgrow their pools and want to use the land for something else.

No matter the reason, you need a professional service to perform this undertaking. It’s important that your pool is removed properly to avoid sink holes or poor landscape drainage. We have the know-how needed to remove your pool safely and efficiently. Contact us for an estimate today.