Has your family’s swimming pool become a neighborhood eyesore? Eliminate the problem and turn your yard into an asset with Remove A Pool. We specialize in professional swimming pool removal, so we are equipped to tackle the toughest pool removal issues.

Why Do I Need Professional Swimming Pool Removal?

  • Too Expensive. Swimming pools cost a lot to maintain properly and cost even more to have repaired. Removing your pool removes your financial burden.
  • Beyond Repair. If your swimming pool would cost more to fix than it is worth, opt for pool removal.
  • Safety and Liability. An abandoned swimming pool is a serious safety hazard and the homeowner is liable for any accidents. Professional swimming pool removal will safeguard you and your family.
  • New Pool. If you want a new or bigger pool, have your old swimming pool removed to make plenty of room.
  • Bigger Yard. We will clear the way for a gardening or landscaping project, an outdoor picnic area, or a family recreational space.
  • Selling Your Home. Create a larger base of potential home buyers by having your unused pool removed.
  • Increased Home Value. Having your unused swimming pool removed will increase the value and appeal of your property.

What Services Does Remove A Pool Provide?

Free assessment/estimate: When you call the experts at Remove A Pool, you will receive a home visit. We will assess your swimming pool and property and provide you with swimming pool removal options. You choose the process that is best suited to your individual needs and home improvement budget.

Permits: We will get any permits that are required for your swimming pool removal process.

Demolition: Depending on which removal process you choose, we will provide a partial swimming pool removal or completely demolish your old pool. At Remove A Pool, safety is a major priority; we will do everything possible to ensure a safe worksite during your swimming pool removal. When we are finished with demolition, we will fill the area with dirt and gravel.

Proper debris disposal: When you trust our team with your swimming pool removal, we will haul away the debris and recycle all materials that we can. This keeps the debris out of the landfills and reduces the impact on the environment.

Fresh grass: We will plant fresh grass in the removal area, if you like.

Contact us today for your free estimate in Humble and let us solve your swimming pool removal problems.