When it comes to removing a swimming pool in Huntington Beach, California, you can count on our team of professional, fully licensed contractors to deliver exceptional results. We’re Remove A Pool and for more than 25 years we’ve been helping discerning homeowners, investors, and real estate agents who need reliable, all-inclusive pool removal services.

We have the skills, experience, and specialized equipment that it takes to tackle even the toughest Huntington Beach, California swimming pool removal projects. Whether you need us to take out an in-ground pool, an above-ground pool, or even a pool that’s located inside your home, we’re up to the challenge.

Choosing The Right Pool Removal Solution For Your Project

Here at Remove A Pool, we know that when it comes to having your pool taken out, you have a number of options to consider. You could try to do some of the work yourself, but given that most pools contain thousands of gallons of water, have multiple utility connections, and are often located close to other structures, this really isn’t a do-it-yourself project.

Another option you have when you’re planning on removing a swimming pool in Huntington Beach, CA is to act as your own general contractor. This means getting the permits and insurance you need, dealing with building inspectors, hiring your own electricians, plumbers, and laborers, and co-coordinating the disposal of all the debris from your pool. You’ll also need to arrange for clean dirt to be hauled in to your property to fill in the space where your pool once was, and you may also want to have landscapers re-seed the area for you.

If all of this sounds like more work than you want to take on, our professional, no-stress pool removal solutions are designed to make having your old pool removed safe, easy, and affordable.

Your Local Huntington Beach, California Swimming Pool Removal Experts

As the leading provider of pool demolition and disposal services in Huntington Beach, we’re the experts when it comes to dealing with unwanted pools.

Our all-inclusive pool removal services include literally everything it takes to make your old pool disappear. We handle all the insurance, demolition permits, utility disconnections, and labor required to remove your pool safely and in a way that minimizes the risk of damage to surrounding buildings and landscaping.

We’ll haul all of the debris away for you, and before we finish, we’ll fill in the void where your pool once was with a specialized mix of clean sand, topsoil, and gravel that’s designed to provide excellent drainage in your yard. We can even plant grass seed over the project site, leaving you with nothing to do but enjoy all the extra room you now have on your property.

Contact Us For Your Free Quote

To speak with one of our Huntington Beach, California swimming pool removal experts about your unwanted pool, contact us here at Remove A Pool. We’ll take the time to answer all of your questions, explain our services, and provide you with a free, no-obligation quote.