Do you have a neglected old swimming pool in your backyard? Are you tired of spending your weekends dealing with noxious pool chemicals and cleaning out your pool pump? Is it time to reclaim your outdoor space and finally have your unwanted pool removed?

When you’re ready to say goodbye to your pool, give us a call here at Remove A Pool. We’re your local Landover swimming pool removal experts, and we take pride in delivering the professional, no-stress pool removal solution. We’ve been in the pool removal business for over 25 years, making us the most trusted name in the industry.

Fast, Efficient Pool Removal in Landover

Whether you’d like to have your pool removed to save on maintenance costs, eliminate the liability that comes with owning a pool, or you simply want extra space in your yard to play with your dog, kids, or grandkids, we make the entire process simple. We take care of everything that’s involved with removing a swimming pool in Landover, Maryland, saving you the time and hassle of hiring and managing multiple contractors.

That’s right – we handle all the demolition permits, inspections, and soil testing. We also contact your utility providers to locate any buried service lines near your pool before we begin work, and our fully licensed and insured pool removal specialists disconnect and safely cap of the water, gas, and electrical lines that feed your pool pump and heater.

Once we’ve safely disconnected the utilities, we siphon out any standing water, then we begin the demolition process. If you’ve chosen a complete pool removal we’ll take away every bit of your swimming pool, while partial pool removal involves removing only the portion of your pool that is above the frost line.

Our crews haul away all the debris for you to an approved waste management site, and we fill the space in your yard using clean topsoil, sand, and gravel to create a safe, level, and stable surface. If you’d like to expand your lawn over the space where your pool was, we can plant grass seed over the worksite for you, making it virtually impossible to notice that there was ever a pool in your backyard.

Considering Removing A Swimming Pool in Landover, Maryland? Call Us First

Here at Remove A Pool, we offer free, easy-to-understand quotes that make it easy for you to see exactly what removing a swimming pool in Landover will cost. We’re happy to answer all of your questions about us, our experience, and the type of pool removal service that’s best suited to your property, future plans, and budget.

Call us today to book your free, no-obligation quote.