Your swimming pool should be providing you and your family with hours of fun in the sun. But, if you find that you spend more time fixing and maintaining your swimming pool, then it might be time to call Remove A Pool. A swimming pool that no longer serves its purpose quickly becomes a burden. Remove A Pool can provide you with Lewes swimming pool removal services that are above the competition.

There are many reasons why a property owner might be interested in backfilling a swimming pool in Lewes, Delaware. Some common reasons we hear are:

  • Swimming pool is no longer in use
  • Property owner wishes to sell the property
  • Maintenance and repairs have become too burdensome
  • Property owner wants to use the property for other purposes
  • Swimming pool poses safety concerns and insurance liability issues

We understand that removing a swimming pool in Lewes, Delaware is a big step. To put your mind at ease, you can expect the following after you call Remove A Pool:

  • A Remove A Pool professional will visit your property and make an assessment of the work to be done. You’ll be given an estimate and we will answer any questions you may have.
  • Remove A Pool will drain your swimming pool of excess water by drilling holes in the concrete.
  • We will research the laws and obtain any necessary permits for removing a swimming pool in Lewes, Delaware.
  • You can choose either a partial or complete removal. If you choose a partial removal, Remove A Pool will collapse the pool and remove the concrete. If you choose a complete removal, we will remove all components of the swimming pool. Most of our customers choose a partial removal because it is faster and saves money.
  • No matter which method of removal you choose, Remove A Pool will fill the hole with gravel and dirt to allow for maximum drainage and settling.
  • Remove A Pool will clean up the mess and haul away the debris.
  • We will plant new grass to give your property a fresh look.

Take control of your property and start using it the way you want. Call Remove A Pool so we can discuss your property and what we can do for you.