If you have a non-functioning swimming pool taking up valuable property space, you should consider having it removed if you don’t intend to refurbish it. Remove A Pool specializes in swimming pool removal in Lorton. Our Lorton customers have many reasons for choosing to remove their pools, but usually it’s as simple as a strong desire to reclaim their space. When it comes to removing a swimming pool you can count on Remove a Pool to do the job with expertise from start to finish.

Remove A Pool is an experienced pool removal expert that serves Lorton, and the surrounding communities. Our technicians will assess your situation to help you determine the best type of removal plan for you. Our rates our fair and we always provide them up front. When we show up at your home for your project, you can expect us to bring an efficient crew and all the tools and gear needed to complete the work. We prioritize safety throughout the process, and we’ll even lay down grass seed before we leave your home or business.

Why Is Removing a Swimming Pool in Lorton, Virginia a Popular Option?

Our customers have various reasons for removing their swimming pools from their backyards or commercial properties. Here are just a few of the most popular reasons for pool demolitions.

Selling the Property: It can be difficult to market a home that has an inoperable pool on its grounds. This tells a potential buyer that they’ll either have to restore the pool or remove it themselves. Many sellers know that a non-functioning pool can be a deal breaker, so they often choose to simply have the pool removed before listing their property on the market.

Non-Functioning Pool: Sometimes a pool is simply too old to be worthy of any investment. If a pool can’t be fixed, it simply has to be removed.

Too Expensive: Many businesses have decided that it’s just too expensive to operate a pool on their property. Between the pool’s safe upkeep to insurance costs, commercial swimming pools can be a headache when it comes to monthly expense.

If your family has outgrown its need for a pool or you just want to use your property for another purpose, be sure to contact Remove A Pool and let us tackle your pool demolition project. We’re hard at work in your area and we’d be thrilled to provide you with a cost estimate. We can explain the various types of removal services we offer and set up a removal date that’s convenient for you. Call us to set up an appointment.