Has your old swimming pool become too much trouble for the small amount of time your family uses it? Do you feel like you’re you are throwing away all the money it takes to maintain and repair it every month? Let the professionals at Remove A Pool help you get rid of that old eyesore. We specialize in swimming pool removal in Los Angeles, California and are ready to listen to what you want.

Reasons to Consider Swimming Pool Removal

There are many situations that arise that make homeowners consider removing a swimming pool in Los Angeles, California. Here are some very good reasons for you to think about getting rid of your old swimming pool:

  • Planning to sell your home. You will appeal to a wider base of potential home buyers if you get rid of your old pool.
  • Making room for a new pool. If your family is dreaming of a new or bigger swimming pool, we can clear the area for construction.
  • Remove a major safety hazard and huge liability risk. An unused swimming pool is a haven for accidents for you and everyone in your neighborhood. If anyone is injured, the homeowner is liable.
  • Reclaim yard space for landscaping or gardening projects or to create an outdoor entertaining area. If you and your family aren’t using your swimming pool, put that space to good use by updating it to fit your lifestyle.

Why You Need the Professionals at Remove A Pool

Major demolition jobs require the services of experts in the field. You can trust the professional demolition contractors at Remove A Pool in Los Angeles, California for many reasons.

Prescreening: Our prescreening process assures that you will get a qualified, local demolition contractor to handle your swimming pool removal. All our demolition contractors are fully licensed, bonded, and insured for your security.

Safety First: We will take all necessary safety precautions available to ensure that the work site is safe and that no undue damage occurs.

Proper Equipment: Besides providing qualified experts in demolition, we are fully equipped to deal with any size swimming pool demolition. No job is too big or too small for our skilled team.

Competitive Pricing: Whether you require a full or partial demolition of your pool, we provide affordable swimming pool removal in Los Angeles, California.

What Happens When You Contact Remove A Pool

Free Estimate: When you contact us, we will visit your home and assess your home and swimming pool. We will provide you with a custom estimate at no charge, so you can decide on the swimming pool removal process that fits your budget and your plans for the space.

Permits: Remove A Pool will get all permits that are needed to make sure you are in compliance with your specific zoning ordinances.

Environmentally-friendly Debris Removal: When we are finished with your swimming pool removal, we will remove all debris from your property and send all materials that we can for recycling. This keeps the concrete and other waste from clogging our landfills, reducing the negative impact on the environment.

Fresh Grass: When the debris is cleared away, we will fill the space with dirt and gravel and plant fresh grass, if you wish, to quickly make your yard look better.

Contact us today at Remove A Pool in Los Angeles, California and get your free swimming pool removal estimate. Let us end the costly expense so you and your family can enjoy the money you save.