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A swimming pool should provide hours of fun in the sun and a great way to cool off on those hot summer days. If you’re finding that your family’s needs have changed and your swimming pool is no longer providing the enjoyment it once did, then you need to contact Remove A Pool to inquire about our Lutz, Florida swimming pool removal services.

Pool Removal In Lutz Explained

There are many reasons why a property owner might be interested in removing a swimming pool. Among the many reasons out there, the most common we hear include:

  • Swimming pool is in disrepair and has become an eyesore
  • Insurance and safety risks are too great to keep the pool
  • Homeowner is selling the property
  • Property owner wishes to use the property differently
  • Swimming pool is no longer in use

No matter what your reasons are for for removing a swimming pool in Lutz, Florida, Remove A Pool can complete the job to your satisfaction. We’ll restore your property to perfection and make it ready for you to use the way you want.

Swimming Pool Removal Process

We understand that the thought of your swimming pool demolition can seem overwhelming. Rest assured that when you call us, one of our friendly associates will answer your questions and explain the process to you. Once you decide to go forward with your swimming pool demo, you can expect the following:

  • One of our professionals will visit your property for an assessment. Upon completion of the assessment, we will provide you with an estimate of the costs involved.
  • It will be necessary for us to drain your pool of any standing water.
  • Remove A Pool will obtain any necessary permits required for a swimming pool removal in Lutz, Florida.
  • You have two options for your swimming pool removal. You can choose a partial removal. This involves collapsing the swimming pool and removing the concrete. This is the most practical option. You can also choose a complete removal which means we will remove all components of the swimming pool.
  • Upon completion of your demo, we will backfill the hole with gravel and dirt to allow for proper settling and drainage.
  • Remove A Pool will clean up all the debris and dispose of it properly.
  • As an added final touch, we will plant new grass. This will give your property a fresh look and allow you to use it right away.

if your swimming pool has become a headache, don’t let it stress you out any longer. Remove A Pool can transform your property into a beautiful area of which you can be proud. Take control of you property by calling Remove A Pool. We will turn your dreams into a reality.