Are you a homeowner who’s looking for a simple, hassle-free way to deal with an unwanted backyard pool? Has the novelty of owning a private pool worn off, and you’ve now decided it’s time to take back your outdoor space?

When you’re interested in removing a swimming pool in McLean, Virginia, start by calling us here at Remove A Pool. We are the premier provider of pool demolition and disposal services throughout America, and we’ve been the industry-leaders for over 25 years.

The Benefits of Having Your Pool Removed

While most people think that a private pool enhances the value of a property, as a pool owner you know that having your own pool comes at a cost. Not only does a pool take up a significant amount of room in your yard, but it also requires a lot of ongoing maintenance. Add to that the fact that having a pool usually means higher insurance premiums and utility bills along with the constant worries that something will go wrong with the pool pump, heater, or liner.

Here are some of the many benefits you can expect to enjoy after we’ve finished your swimming pool demolition project:

  • You’ll finally have enough room on your property to really enjoy your outdoor space, whether that means having more room to play with the dog, expanding your garden, or planning for that big home addition you’ve always dreamt of
  • You can expect significant savings on your water bill
  • You may qualify for a reduction in both your home insurance rates and your property taxes
  • You won’t have to deal with your neighbors, friends, and family members constantly wanting to come over to use your private pool

And if you’re planning on listing your home for sale soon, having your pool backfilled may help attract more qualified buyers to your property – it could even help you achieve a higher selling price when compared to other similar homes that still have pools installed.

Complete Pool Removal and Site Restoration Services

As a full-service McLean Virginia swimming pool removal company, we are committed to completing your job on time and on budget – that’s why we handle all the paperwork, inspections, skilled labor, and material handling it takes to disconnect and demolish your pool, and leave your yard ready for you to use.

Our team of licensed and insured swimming pool removal contractors take care of everything for you, and all the work we do fully comply with county, state, and federal building codes and environmental regulations. We’re confident you’ll love us and our all-inclusive service, and we back our work with our industry-leading 5-year satisfaction guarantee.

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