Tired of your old family swimming pool draining your bank account? Would you rather put that yard space to better use? Then, you need the professional services of Remove A Pool, the Merrifield swimming pool removal experts.

Why You Should Consider Backfilling a Swimming Pool in Merrifield Virginia 

  • You need to sell your house.
  • You want to change the look of your yard.
  • You want to put in a new swimming pool.
  • You want to make your property safe and avoid liability problems.
  • You need to save money.

Prescreening: We prescreen every one of our demolition contractors. That way, you always get a professional that is fully licensed by the state, insured, and bonded.

Proper Equipment: Our demolition contractors are equipped with the latest tools and machinery that was designed especially for this work.

Focus on Safety: We believe in keeping your job site as safe as possible. Our reputable contractors will take every safety precaution needed to avoid unnecessary injury and property damage.

Competitive Rates: We employ cost-effective methods to keep our prices affordable.

Locally Owned & Operated: We call Merrifield home and we will be here after the job is finished.

Here’s What Will Happen After You Contact Remove A Pool

Free Assessment & Estimate: We will visit your home and assess your swimming pool and property, identifying access points and specific issues regarding the job. We will then give you a free custom estimate for the services you will specifically need.

Permits: We will make sure to obtain all necessary zoning permits for your swimming pool removal process, saving you the hassle.

Demolition: You can choose between two demolition process: abandonment and exhumation demolition. Abandonment demolition is a partial swimming pool removal process, in which we remove only the uppermost few feet of concrete. We then perforate the lower portion, to allow for adequate water drainage. Exhumation demolition is a complete pool removal process. It involves total removal of the swimming pool structure.

In each process, after demolition is finished, the hole is filled with dirt and gravel. Careful attention is paid to future settling of the area.

Environmentally-Responsible Debris Removal: After the area is filled, we will begin the site cleanup. We will load all debris materials onto our trucks and haul them to our recycling facility. We will recycle all materials possible to reduce the impact on our environment.

Plant Grass: When cleanup is done, we will plant fresh grass, if you wish.

Contact us today at Remove A Pool and get your free estimate.