Has your pool being giving you a headache? Look no further, Remove A Pool is here to offer you services to remove that pool. In South Carolina pool demolition is a major project that has to be done according to the state laws. A pool can be great as a relaxation area but with time home owners will feel the burden of servicing the pool. This is when they contact us to help them remove the pool and get the backyard they most desire.

Our services are the best in the industry since we are up to date with all the technologically advances methods in the industry. We are also equipped with well serviced machines that are crucial in the process of removing a pool in South Carolina. We have highly professional personnel that will treat each customer with respect. Our highly professional team will work hand in hand with the client to make sure they understand what they are getting into.

The services we render include:

1. Application of the permit

The state of South Carolina has specific laws concerning South Carolina pool demolition. As part of the contract, we apply for the necessary permits on behalf of the client. To get the permit the city inspector must sign off if the soil is compact and there will be no erosion. We also ensure that we are up to date with the ever changing laws to ensure our clients do not get into trouble.

2. Advising clients on the option of removal

There are usually two main removal forms that our clients can choose from. One of them is the full removal. With this option we demolish the whole pool and ensure that no concrete debris is left behind. We later dispose of this debris for our clients. Then there is the partial removal. In this case we only demolish a few feet of the concrete and throw it in the deep end. Using a jack hammer we drill holes at the bottom to ensure proper water drainage.

We give advice to all clients depending on their preferences and their budget. To get more information, visit us at our offices or visit our website.

Proudly Serving: Billings,Missoula,Great Falls, Bozeman, Butte, Helena, Kalispell,Anaconda, and Havre.

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