Do you want to change your property into a more usable outdoor living space? Is your old swimming pool your biggest hurdle? Contact us at Remove A Pool today. Our swimming pool removal experts will provide you with a free estimate.

Our highly trained, Remove A Pool specialists provide comprehensive services in a fast and efficient manner. We follow all safety regulations. We work diligently to exceed your expectations for backfilling a swimming pool in Newark, Delaware.

Why Remove Your Swimming Pool?

Along with changing your yard space, many of our previous customers shared reasons for backfilling a swimming pool in Newark.

  • The Delaware weather never seems right for swimming.
  • Repair costs are too high.
  • Routine maintenance or cleaning is a large expense from your monthly budget.
  • The pool needs replacing.
  • Reducing your liabilities, the pool is a hazard to young children or pets.
  • Placing your home on the market, you have been advised to remove your pool to attract more prospective buyers.

Newark Swimming Pool Backfilling Services

After you accept our free estimate, our Remove A Pool experts acquire permits, learning zoning regulations, and set a date for arrival. We begin each project by inspecting the area for remaining utility connections. At this time, we also drain the swimming pool.

Next, our Remove A Pool specialists start the comprehensive process to remove your swimming pool. We offer two choices for removing a swimming pool in Newark.

  • Complete Removal: Our demolition team removes every part of your swimming pool from your property.
  • Partial Removal: Our demolition team removes only the pool’s upper portion. Breaking down the walls and punching holes in the bottom, most of your swimming pool will be left behind for burial.

We finalize the Newark pool removal process by filling in the empty spaces with gravel and topsoil. Our team will remove all remaining debris, clean and clear the area for your new project to begin. If possible, we also recycle any usable debris.

If you would like more information about backfilling a swimming pool in Newark  please contact us at Remove A Pool today.