Most southwest Ohio homeowners consider having an in-ground swimming pool to be an advantage, both while you live in the home and when it comes time to sell the property. However, occasionally, a homeowner may want to have their pool removed. This can be because their kids have grown up and moved away and the parents no longer use the pool. It could be that the cost of maintaining the pool has gotten to be too much for older homeowners. Or, it may simply be that the property owners want to use the space currently occupied by the pool for a home expansion or a patio. Whatever the reason, having your swimming pool removed requires the services of a pool removal specialist.

The steps in having your swimming pool removed

The process of having your pool taken out is not complicated for a professional removal team. At Remove a Pool, our specialists start each job by making sure that they have all of the necessary permits and other paperwork. Plus, we located all of the underground cables and wires to make sure that we don’t sever any utility line during the project. Next, the pool removal team drills many small holes in the concrete base of the pool and lets the pool water slowly leak out into the surrounding soil.

Once the water is gone, the team breaks up the concrete pieces and hauls them to a recycling site, where your unused concrete can be used to create other building products. Finally, we fill in the void left by the swimming pool with quality fill dirt and top soil and plant grass seed on the top. By the next year, it will be nearly impossible to tell where the pool once sat.

Northbrook Ohio swimming pool removal

Taking out an in-ground swimming pool in Northbrook, or any other part of the greater Cincinnati area, is ill-suited as a DIY project. You need special equipment and training to do the job safely and efficiently. To learn more about our southwest Ohio pool removal services, contact Remove a