Do you have an old swimming pool on your property? Would you like your pool gone, but you’re worried that removing a swimming pool in Odenton, Maryland is too complicated, too expensive, or will take too long?

The good news is that having your pool removed is easier than you might think. Here at Remove A Pool we provide professional, no-stress pool removal solutions that are designed to quickly transform your outdoor space, giving you the room to finally build the deck of your dreams, expand your garden, or simply enjoy a nice spacious lawn.

Comprehensive, Reliable Pool Removal

At Remove A Pool, we strive to deliver the most comprehensive pool removal services in the industry – here’s how:

  • We provide every single customer with a free, no-obligation estimate that clearly outlines all the costs involved with their entire swimming pool removal project in Odenton
  • We take the time to discuss the differences between our partial and complete pool removal options so that homeowners can choose the service that best fits their needs and budget
  • We make sure that all the work we do complies with local regulations by working with county building inspectors and always obtaining a demolition permit when required
  • Before we begin any demolition work, we take the time to contact the local utility providers to locate any gas, electrical, telecommunications, or water lines that could be located near the worksite
  • To protect against flooding, we carefully siphon any standing water out of the pool and dispose of it in accordance with local environmental standards
  • Our licensed contractors create a custom plan for each project that includes preserving surrounding landscaping and avoiding the need to remove fences or gates
  • We use modern, well-maintained equipment to tear apart the pool structure
  • We remove all the debris from the job site right away
  • We fill in the pool where the pool was in a way that both promotes drainage and prevents sinkholes from forming
  • On request, we plant grass seed over the work site, making it difficult to see there was ever a pool on the property

And because we’re committed to minimizing the impact removing a swimming pool on the environment, we do our best to divert any recyclable materials to an approved waste management facility.

Call For Your Free Quote Today

To schedule your free site inspection and estimate, contact one of our Odenton, Maryland swimming pool removal specialists today. We’re happy to answer any questions you have, provide you with recent client references, and help you decide if now’s the right time to have your pool removed.