Do you dream of a large entertainment area for your backyard? Or perhaps a safe play area for your young children or grandchildren? Only to realize your old, outdated swimming pool is taking up the much-needed space to begin your new project. Contacting our Remove A Pool experts for removing a swimming pool in Ohio should be your next step.

Reasons for Removing a Swimming Pool in Ohio

In addition to wanting to create a new backyard project, homeowners are opting for premium Ohio swimming pool removal to meet their needs.

  • Saves on pool maintenance and cleaning expenses.
  • Pool requires costly major repairs.
  • Weather does not seem to cooperate for major pool use.
  • Children have grown and left home.
  • Reduce potential hazards and liabilities
  • Participating in environmentally friendly lifestyle

Regardless of your reason, our experienced, Remove A Pool specialists are ready to tackle your swimming pool with an efficient removal process.

Our High-Quality Ohio Swimming Pool and Demolition Services

Remove A Pool is fully aware swimming pools come in many different shapes, styles, and sizes. Our fully trained employees have the knowledge and expertise to handle removing a swimming pool in Ohio. Minimizing the impact on your property, we use the latest tools, machinery, resources, and experience to efficiently remove your swimming pool.

Remove A Pool offers two types of Ohio swimming pool removal services. The removal type is your personal choice. Meeting and exceeding your expectations, results for both services are outstanding.

  • Complete Pool Removal Service: Our team provides complete demolition and Ohio swimming pool removal service. Eliminating all aspects of your swimming pool is our priority. Choosing this option ensures you will not have any future restrictions on building new projects.
  • Partial Pool Removal Service: Offering the same high-quality results as complete removal, our Remove A Pool team removes the concrete from the pool area. We bury all the remaining swimming pool’s components. The advantages of partial pool removal service are a faster finish rate and less costly endeavor.

After finishing either type of Ohio swimming pool removal service, our team completes the task by filling in the area with gravel and top soil. If needed, our experts provide grading, prepping and grass seeding services.

Our Commitment to the Environment

Ohio swimming pool removal is a messy job. When working on removing a swimming pool in Ohio, we carefully analyze the surroundings. Remove A Pool wants minimal impact on the environment. When our team breaks concrete and other useable materials into smaller easier to handle sections, we implement recycling practices.

Contacting our prompt, courteous, Ohio swimming pool removal experts is only a phone call away. Ensuring the highest level of customer service, Remove A Pool offers free estimates.