Do you want to redo your backyard for a new entertainment area for your entire family to enjoy? We at Remove A Pool provide high-level pool Pikesville swimming pool removal. Striving to exceed our customer expectations, we deliver optimal results at each pool removal site. Our highly-qualified experts are prompt friendly professionals.

Along with clearing your backyard for a new family entertainment area or other landscaping changes, our previous customers shared their reasons for removing a swimming pool in Pikesville, Maryland.

  • Reducing utility consumption as a way to participate in the green initiative.
  • Placing the property on the market, removing the pool will attract more potential buyers.
  • Monthly swimming pool cleaning and other expenses continue to increase.
  • Due to changes in family dynamics, no one uses the pool
  • Replacing the existing pool with a more modern, energy efficient model.
  • Reduce potential hazards for young children or pets.
  • The pool was already on the property when you purchased the home.

Superior Processes For Pool Backfill In Pikesville

Providing a free estimate is part of our complete customer service commitment. We go over all the details of your swimming pool removal needs to develop a comprehensive plan of action.

Next, we do all the paperwork. By allowing us to handle the paperwork, we obtain the necessary permits and learn the local zoning ordinances. We want your experience with us to be hassle-free.

Arriving at your home on the predetermined date, our swimming pool removal team inspects your property. If necessary, we remove any remaining utility connections to ensure the safety of the area. Neutralizing the chloride, we empty the pool. Next, we start the demolition process to remove your pool.

Remove A Pool offers two high-quality choices for removing a swimming pool in Pikesville, Maryland.

  • Complete Pool Removal: Our demolition experts remove every part of your swimming pool from your property.
  • Partial Pool Removal: Breaking down the concrete, our demolition experts remove the upper section of the swimming. Punching holes in the bottom, we allow for proper drainage. The remaining pool structure is left in the ground.

Separating concrete and other usable materials, Remove A Pool engages in recycling efforts. Finalizing the process, our experts fill in any open areas with gravel and soil. Packing the area, we ensure a smooth, clean area for your next backyard project.

Do you have questions about backfilling a swimming pool in Pikesville, Maryland? Please contact us at Remove A Pool today.