Is your swimming pool just sitting unused in your backyard? Have you finally gotten tired of spending tons of money in pool upkeep? When you consider swimming pool removal in Severna Park, Maryland, contact the experts at Remove A Pool. We offer a comprehensive list of demolition services.

When to Consider Severna Park, Maryland Swimming Pool Removal

There are certain times when homeowners should think about having their swimming pool professionally removed.

  • When selling or buying a house. Your listing will attract a wider base of home buyers if you have your pool professionally removed.
  • When you want to build a new, bigger swimming pool. If your family has outgrown the old pool, have it removed so you can put the new one in its place.
  • When you want to remove a major liability. An unused or abandoned swimming pool is a severe safety hazard for the entire neighborhood.
  • When you want to use your yard differently. If your hobbies and interests have changed over the years, update your yard to reflect your changing life.
  • When you want to save money. Swimming pools are expensive to maintain and even more costly to repair. Get rid of the expense once and for all.

Why You Should Trust Remove A Pool

Professional pool removal is more than a sideline profession for us. It is our specialty.

Our experienced demolition contractors are fully licensed by the state of Maryland, insured, and bonded.

We are equipped with the right equipment for the job.

We are locally owned.

We keep our prices competitive.

What Happens When You Call Remove-A-Pool

When you contact us for swimming pool removal, here’s what you can expect:

Assessment: Our experts will visit your home and inspect your home and pool. This helps us identify what services you will need.

Free Estimate: After checking out the property, we will give you a free estimate for the demolition services you require.

Permits: At Remove-A-Pool, we take care of getting all permits necessary for your swimming pool removal process.

Demolition: You have two choices when it comes to pool removal. Full demolition removes the entire pool structure. Partial demolition is cheaper, and only involves removing the uppermost few feet of concrete. In both procedures, after demolition is complete, the area is filled in with dirt and gravel.

Waste Removal: We will load all refuse from your demolition job into trucks and haul it away. We recycle all materials we possibly can, to reduce the impact on the environment.

Fresh Grass: When the removal area has been filled, we will plant fresh grass for you, if you wish.

Contact us today at Remove A Pool for more information and a free estimate for professional swimming pool removal in Severna Park.