Searching for a Potomac swimming pool removal company that you can count on to deliver exceptional results?

We’re Remove A Pool, and we’re here to help make removing a swimming pool in Potomac, Maryland the easiest home improvement project you’ve ever taken on. As the nation’s most recognized name in pool filling and complete pool removal, we’re proud to have helped countless homeowners like you enjoy freedom from their unwanted, damaged, or outdated swimming pools.

Providing Trusted Pool Removal For Over 25 Years

We’ve been providing comprehensive pool filling, demolition, and extraction services for over 25 years, and during that time we’ve developed the safest, most efficient techniques in the industry. Our team of fully licensed and insured contractors handle your entire pool removal job on your behalf, saving you the hassles and added costs that come with hiring multiple companies to perform each portion of the project.

When you hire us, we’ll inspect your property, create a custom plan, and obtain any demolition permits as required by Montgomery County. We’ll also contact your utility companies to locate any buried lines that could be near the area where we’ll be working, and if soil testing is needed, we’ll handle that too.

And we know that the last thing you want when removing a swimming pool is to have a big mess in your backyard for weeks or months on end – that’s why we make sure to bring the right number of skilled, licensed contractors along with all the specialized equipment we need to complete your pool filling or removal job in as little time as possible.

Potomac Pool Filling vs. Complete Pool Removal

Here at Remove A Pool, we offer both in-ground pool filling and complete in-ground pool removal services in Potomac.

Pool filling, also known as partial pool removal, involves disconnecting the utility lines from the pool, siphoning out any remaining water, and demolishing the upper-most portion of the pool liner and deck. We then punch drainage holes in the pool base before filling the pool in to create a safe surface that’s level with the surrounding lawn.

By comparison, complete pool removal involves extracting the entire pool structure from your property before the space is filled and leveled with clean sand, soil, and gravel. This process is significantly more complex and labor-intensive than pool filling is, which is why it is the more expensive option.

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