Fed up with the time and money spent on a swimming pool that your family doesn’t use anymore? Contact Remove A Pool today for your Potomac, Maryland swimming pool removal needs. Our prescreening process ensures that you will receive a fully licensed, bonded, and insured professional to take care of your pool removal. We are properly equipped to handle your pool removal at a competitive price.

Why Should You Have Your Swimming Pool Professionally Removed?

For any major home improvement job, you need the advanced skills of a demolition expert to be assured that you receive the kind of high-quality workmanship you deserve. You should consider the professional services of Remove A Pool. We specialize in swimming pool removal in Potomac, Maryland. Contact us if you want to:

  • Sell Your House. Opt for swimming pool removal in Potomac, Maryland to make your listing more appealing to a wider range of potential home buyers.
  • Install a New Swimming Pool. If you want a newer pool, we can get rid of the old one to clear the space for new construction.
  • Remove a Hazard. You are liable for any injuries incurred on your property. Protect yourself and your loved ones by having your swimming pool professionally removed.
  • Increase the Value of Your Home. Make your home more valuable and more beautiful by having your pool removed by the experts in the field.
  • Save Money. Have your pool removed and enjoy the money you save on maintenance and repairs.
  • Update Your Yard. Get rid of your old swimming pool and use the space for an elaborate landscaping project, a secluded retreat, or an elegant outdoor dining area for family and friends.

What Should You Expect When You Contact Remove A Pool?

Free Assessment & Estimate: When you contact us about swimming pool removal in Potomac, Maryland, we will make a home visit and assess your property and swimming pool. We will provide you with an estimate, free of charge, for pool removal. You will choose the removal process that works best for you.

Permits: We will get any permits that are needed for your swimming pool removal.

Demolition: Our reliable demolition contractors will take any safety precautions needed to ensure that your worksite is safe from injury and unwanted property damage.

Debris Removal: We will clear the debris from your property and haul it away. We recycle all that we can to reduce the environmental impact.

Fresh Grass: When we have filled the removal area with dirt and gravel, we will plant fresh grass in the space, if you wish.

Contact us at Remove A Pool today for your free assessment and estimate.