Have an unused swimming pool on your property? Tired of all the work it takes to keep your pool maintained? Worried about the liability issues that come with having a private pool?

When owning a pool has become more trouble than it’s worth, we’re here to help. We’re Remove A Pool, and we make removing a swimming pool in Redland, Maryland easy with our all-inclusive pool demolition and disposal services.

Whether you’re a homeowner who wants to reclaim your outdoor space, a Realtor looking to clean up a neglected property prior to listing it for sale, or a renovator who needs a pool removed to make way for a home addition, you can count on us to deliver the professional, no-stress pool removal solution.

Comprehensive Pool Demolition Services

At Remove A Pool, we know that tackling a big home improvement project like pool removal can be a hassle – after all, dealing with multiple contractors including electricians, heavy equipment operators, junk removal crews, and landscapers is time-consuming and difficult.

We’re committed to making your swimming pool demo project easy by handling every aspect of the job. When you hire us, we’ll take care of all the demolition permits, site inspections, and insurance needed to ensure your pool is removed safely and in compliance with local, state, and federal regulations.

Our team of professional pool removal contractors will supply all of the skilled labor, including disconnection of the utility lines leading to your pool, all the demolition work, and site-clean up. We’ll even fill in the void, level out your yard, and plant fresh grass seed upon request – it’s that easy.

Partial Pool Demolition vs. Complete Pool Demolition

Here at Remove A Pool we offer two types of pool removal – partial and complete.

With a partial pool removal, we disconnect the utilities, siphon out the water, and demolish only the portions of the pool that protrude above the frost line. We punch drainage holes in the foundation of the pool, and fill it in to create a level, stable surface that’s ready to be transformed into a lush green lawn.

Our complete pool removal involves tearing out the entire pool structure and filling in the void with clean topsoil, sand, and gravel. This option is more labor-intensive, however, if you plan on building on the site where your pool was this may be the best method as it completely restores your property back to how it was before you installed a pool.

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