When you first got your swimming pool was it an appealing attraction for your family and friends to share? Do you still feel the same about your pool? Every day thousands of homeowners make the final decision to remove a swimming pool for a new project. We at Remove A Pool provides fast and efficient Rehoboth swimming pool removal services.

Advantages of Backfilling a Swimming Pool in Rehoboth, Delaware

We at Remove A Pool want to share some of the numerous advantages for removing a swimming pool in Rehoboth:

  • Reduce liabilities.
  • Eliminate the risk of accidents and hazardous conditions for young children and pets.
  • Increase potential buyers when you sell your home.
  • Reduce utility consumption.
  • Eliminate pool-related expenses including repair costs, maintenance, and cleaning.
  • Reclaim your backyard living space for a new outdoor project.
  • Allow room for a flower or vegetable garden.

Our High-Quality Rehoboth Swimming Pool Removal Process

We at Remove A Pool believes in complete customer service. Beginning with your first contact, we go over all the details of your Rehoboth swimming pool removal needs. We plan a course of action and provide a detailed estimate.

Arriving on a pre-set date, we begin the process of removing a swimming pool in Rehoboth, Delaware. At each stage of the pool removal process, we follow all safety procedures. We look for remaining utility connections and drain the pool.

Remove A Pool offers two choices for backfilling a pool.

  • Abandonment: Using industrial grade equipment, our team breaks down the pool’s walls for easier handling. Next, we drill holes in the bottom for proper drainage. We leave a significant part of the pool in the ground for burial.
  • Exhumation: A comprehensive choice, our team completely removes your swimming pool off your property.

Rehoboth swimming pool removal produces large amounts of debris. When possible, we recycle any usable materials. We clear away the rest of the debris for proper disposal. Our demolition experts finalize the pool removal process by filling in any open areas with gravel and topsoil.

If you need more information for removing a swimming pool in Rehoboth, Delaware, please contact us at Remove A Pool today.