Remove A Pool understands remodeling and renovations are a natural trend in home ownership. As we change the interior and exterior of our homes, we want our landscape to complement our developing tastes. Depending on our local climate, adding flower gardens to bloom throughout the warmer months may require research and planning.

Landscaping with Flower Gardens

Flower gardens may include seasonal, early blooming or late blooming plants. If you want a single flower garden, you may want to plant various plants to allow for a variety of blooming times. The best way to begin is to determine the types of flowers for your unique landscaping circumstances.

  • Check with your local nursery or greenhouse for suggestions
  • Use the Internet to find resources for the types of flowers to plant in your area
  • Find plants unique to the area’s moisture and type of soil
  • Depending on the placement of the flower garden, the plants may need full, partial or shady areas to thrive
  • Determine if you want easy-care plants or the types that require extra assistance. For example, some flowers require daily watering.
  • Decide if you want flowers that are annuals or perennials plants. Annuals will only last one year. Perennials will last two years or more.
  • Know the plant’s height to enable a stacking effect in the garden
  • Determine if you want the types of flowers to attract butterflies, honey bees or birds
  • Each aspect of the plant type will provide you with a variety to help you organize a flower garden to your personal tastes.

After determining the types of plants, you will need to clear your flower garden to prepare for planting. Some areas may require additional top soil to enable plant growth. Along with plants, flower gardens can hold unique art or figures to match your specific home design.

As you finalize your unique plans for one or more flower gardens, you realize the major obstacle in your new landscape theme is the underutilized swimming pool. We at Remove A Pool are here to help. Offering full or partial pool removal, our Remove A Pool experts will effectively and efficiently rid the area of your swimming pool. Allowing you to concentrate on your new landscaping plan, we provide cleanup and disposal of your swimming pool.

If you would like more information, please call or simply fill out the contact us form. Our friendly customer service representatives are available to answer your questions. Remove A Pool can help you take the first steps in your new landscaping project by removing your swimming pool.