A swimming pool is meant to provide hours of fun in the sun. Despite this, many homeowners become interested in removing a swimming pool in San Marcos. If you have begun to view your swimming pool as a burden instead of something that is fun, then you need to call Remove A Pool. We have the experience, equipment and manpower necessary for swimming pool removal projects in San Marcos, California. We will transform your property into a lovely masterpiece that you can be proud of.

We at Remove A Pool have encountered every reason imaginable as to why homeowners make the decision to call us for our swimming pool removal services. The most common reasons we hear are:

  • The pool is no longer in use
  • The property could be used for other purposes
  • The pool takes up too much room
  • The maintenance and repairs are too difficult and expensive to manage
  • The property owner wishes to sell the property
  • Safety concerns and insurance issues outweight any benefits of keeping the pool

No matter why you want to ditch the swimming pool, Remove A Pool will take care of your pool removal needs and treat your property with the care it deserves. We do understand that you might be apprehensive about calling us. To ease your mind, we would like to provide you with a brief overview of the swimming pool removal process.

  • We will assess your property and provide you with an estimate of costs for the project. We will define the scope of the project and answer your questions. We want you to know exactly what will happen with your property at every step of the way.
  • Remove A Pool will then need to drain any standing water from your pool.
  • Next, we will obtain any permits required by your jurisdiction. Our customers appreciate that they do not need to worry with this.
  • You have two options for removing a swimming pool in San Marcos. The first option you have is a partial removal. This is the most efficient and cost-effective method. With a partial removal, Remove A Pool will collapse the pool and remove the concrete. The remaining structure will stay in place. The other option, which is more expensive, is a complete removal.
  • Either option will result in a hole in your yard. Remove A Pool will fill that hole with rocks and dirt to allow for maximum drainage and proper settling.
  • Removing a pool means there will be a significant amount of debris on your property. But, don’t worry. Remove A Pool takes pride in leaving your property clean. We will clean up everything and haul away the debris.
  • Finally, we will plant new grass to make your property beautiful and ready to use as soon as possible. Our customers really appreciate this finishing touch.

Don’t let that swimming pool bother you any longer. Remove A Pool will take care of your San Marcos California swimming pool needs. Call us today.