Has the time come to change your backyard? Updating your property is a great investment. Is one of the biggest obstacles your outdated swimming pool? We at Remove A Pool provide reliable, comprehensive South Riding, Virginia swimming pool removal service at affordable prices.

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Removing a swimming pool in South Riding does enable homeowners to reclaim yard space for your next landscaping project. Other reasons we hear from our clients include:

  • The need to attract more potential homeowners
  • Reduce liabilities
  • Eliminate cleaning, repair and maintenance costs
  • Remove hazards for young children or pets
  • No one uses the pool anymore.

Regardless of your reason, our Remove A Pool specialists provide friendly, professional service at each stage of the pool demolition process.

Our Highly-Rated Service

We at Remove A Pool take pride in our highly reputable swimming pool removal process. Offering a guarantee, we fully believe in customer satisfaction.

1. Free Estimate

Establishing our commitment to our customers from the start, we provide each potential client with a free, no-obligation estimate. Providing you with a free estimate helps us to determine the best steps for removing your swimming pool.

2. Obtaining Permits

After accepting our quote, our Remove A Pool team goes to work. We research the stipulations and rules for removing a swimming in South Riding. At this time, we obtain the necessary permits. Prior to showing up on the predetermined date, we want to ensure all the paperwork is ready.

3. Pool Removal

Remove A Pool offers two types of swimming pool removal services, abandonment or exhumation. The choice is completely up to your own personal preferences.

  • Abandonment: After punching holes through the bottom for proper drainage, our team removes only the upper part of the swimming pool. The rest of the pool’s structure is left in the ground.
  • Exhumation: Our specialists remove all pieces of your swimming pool from your property.

After the completion of either process, we carefully fill in any open areas.

4. Proper Disposal Methods

Following all rules and regulations, Remove A Pool engages in proper disposal methods for the remaining debris. If possible, our team will remove any usable materials for recycling. While saving us money, our efforts allow us to do our part for the environment.

If you are ready for your free estimate or need more information about removing a swimming pool in South Riding, Virginia, please contact us at Remove A Pool today.