Are you looking for high-quality Stafford, Texas swimming pool removal service? We at Remove A Pool provide reliable, comprehensive pool removal service at an affordable price. Helping you rid your property of your old swimming pool in a fast and efficient manner for your next project is our goal.

Perks of Removing a Swimming Pool in Stafford, Texas

Hiring professional Stafford, Texas swimming pool removal contractors will provide you with numerous benefits.

  • Reduce Utility Expenses
  • Eliminate Cleaning and Maintenance Expense
  • Reduce Liabilities
  • Increase Safety
  • Reclaim Yard Space
  • Increase Resale Potential

We understand removing your swimming pool may be a difficult decision. But when the pool is no longer in use, the extra benefits are a positive outcome.

Demolishing and removing a pool is a complex task. Our team has the experience, training, and knowledge to handle the job in a safe, effective manner. Starting with a free estimate, we fully believe in a high level of customer service. Our swimming pool removal experts will go over all the details with you. After accepting our estimate, we proceed with obtaining the necessary permits and reviewing local rules.

Next, our team begins the process of removing your swimming pool. Providing a safe working environment for our employees, we begin by assessing your pool area. Disconnecting any remaining utilities and draining the pool is the first step for removing a swimming pool in Stafford, Texas.

Remove A Pool offers two quality types of pool removal services. Using industrial strength tools, we begin each process by breaking down your swimming pool into smaller, easier to handle pieces.

  • Partial Swimming Pool Removal: Our team removes the upper part of your swimming pool. Ensuring we are far enough below ground level, the rest of your swimming pool is left. Partial removal is generally a faster, less costly option.
  • Full Swimming Pool Removal: Our team removes your entire swimming pool from your property. Full removal means your property will not be subject to pool related building restrictions.

During the process of removing a swimming pool the team takes any usable materials for recycling. Filling in any open cavities with gravel and dirt is the final step in the process.

If you would like further information on our high-quality Stafford, Texas swimming pool removal and demolition process, please contact us at Remove A Pool today.