After you remove a pool you can reclaim your yard. However, an above ground pool removal leaves an indented space to fill and a below ground pool removal involves filling in a large area with compacted soil. You have to be creative and patient to get anything to grow or to re-purpose the space.

Compacted Soil

Compacted soil that might be contaminated is left behind after a pool removal. Plants need air to grow. If you push a shovel into the ground and it doesn’t slide in, then the soil is compacted and will need to be turned using a shovel or rototiller. When you are turning the soil, try to only include the topsoil as the subsoil is not fertile and mixing it in with your soil will make it even harder to successfully plant in the area. Let the area settle and remain fallow a few weeks before seeding or planting. Contamination is another issue that has to be checked and dealt with. You can send a sample to a lab for testing. If the soil is contaminated, you will have to replace the topsoil before planting, especially if you are planning to grow a garden on the spot.

Grass is the Easiest Thing to Grow

Grass and wildflowers can grow in low-nutrient or sandy soil. However, before sowing grass, you may want to try a trick to block the growth of weeds. If you germinate the grass and flowers, then remove seedlings, this helps reduce invasive weeds from growing and ruining all your hard work.

You will have to water the ground thoroughly for two weeks. This means you will have to remove weeds as they appear. Wildflower such as the California poppy grow in even hardest soil. It will take two or three years for a meadow to establish itself. Just mow in the fall once the wildflowers shed their seeds.

Go Organic

Adding organic matter will fast track the development of a landscaped island or hedges. If the area has been covered with no access to sunlight or water for a long time, introducing organic matter will encourage enriched soil, and organisms that enhance the soil quality will return to open up the soil.

A thick layer of about 4 inches of garden compost or manure can be turned into the deprived soil with a pitchfork. If the area is sunny, grow plants that thrive in full sunlight. You can put stepping stones to traverse the area without disturbing the soil or stepping on plants. A small wrought-iron seat or table can give add an inviting touch to your reclaimed yard.