For many years, having a backyard pool was one of those luxuries that many people used to dream of as they started their home owning journey. In the last number of years this has changed. With many people choosing to have their pools removed for various reasons. One of the top reasons that most home owners gave was the high maintenance costs of the pool each year which was a financial burden for them especially with the economy in a recession. When embarking on this journey most people think all that is involved is filling the fill but there is much more involved. Hiring a professional could be the best step.
Below are a few reasons cited for removing pools;
Higher home owner’s insurance rate
When you have a pool in your backyard, it is normal for your insurance company to increase the rates on your insurance payments. The impact that the pool has on your premiums is largely determined by the specific policies terms and the insurance company. The increase in the premium paid will be so the home owner can protect themselves from potential liability. By eliminating the pool their premiums is reduced and they end up saving money each month that they could have otherwise paid to the insurance company.
Eliminating liability worries
There are so many worries associated with having a backyard pool. This is especially so when you have small children. You are always worried that they could accidentally fall into the pool and drown especially if they cannot swim. There is also the chance that intruders could jump the fence to enjoy the pool when you are not around. Having the pool drained is not safe as well. Kids will jump the fence to skate board which could lead to some serious injuries. To prevent such incidences you will have to put up more security around the pool that will drill a hole in your savings. To eliminate the worry and the unnecessary expenses, having the pool professionally removed sounds like the perfect solution.
Putting your home in the market
What most people do not realize is that having a backyard pool actually deducts value from your home. In reality, only a small portion of home buyers will consider buying a home with a pool. A pool can only increase the value of the home under special conditions such as you live in a high end neighborhood where all the other neighbors have a pool, the style of the pool fits well with your home and it does not fill up the entire backyard. If these does not apply to your home most buyers will find having a pool as a liability rather than a luxury and this will significantly reduce the home value.
If you feel that you are ready to make the difficult decision whether to remove the pool, call an expert to help you with the details.