Do you wish you could get rid of your old swimming pool in Torrance, California and turn your yard into a beautiful, usable living space? Let the professionals at Remove A Pool show you how to regain your yard by removing your old swimming pool.

Why You Should Consider Swimming Pool Removal

  • Remove Safety Hazard and Liability. An old, unused, or abandoned swimming pool is a huge safety hazard for the entire neighborhood. If anyone gets injured, you are liable for the expense.
  • Selling Your Home. Removing your old swimming pool will widen the base of potential home buyers for your property.
  • Increase Your Home’s Value. Professional removal of an unused or damaged swimming pool will increase your property’s value and curb appeal.
  • Get Rid of Expense. Swimming pools must be properly maintained and repaired to keep them in good working order, and that is expensive. No pool means no more expense.
  • New Pool. If you are planning to build a new, bigger pool, we can remove your swimming pool to make way for the new construction.
  • Updated Yard. Removing a swimming pool will open your yard up for elaborate landscaping or garden projects. It can also create a space for an outdoor entertainment area or a peaceful retreat.

Why You Should Trust Remove A Pool

Pre-screening process: We pre-screen all our demolition contractors to ensure that you are getting a qualified, reputable demolition contractor that is fully licensed, bonded, and insured to handle your swimming pool removal.

Safety matters. We will take all safety precautions necessary to make sure that every person on your job site remain safe and that no unwanted damage occurs.

Properly equipped. Our expert demolition contractors have any equipment needed to handle removing a swimming pool in Torrance, California, whether you need partial removal or complete swimming pool demolition.

Competitive pricing. We offer competitive rates to ensure that your swimming pool removal is affordable.

What Happens When You Contact Remove A Pool?

Free custom estimate: When you contact us, we will visit your home and assess your swimming pool and property. Then we will provide you with an estimate designed just for your circumstances, so that you can choose the method of swimming pool removal that you think is best for your plans for the area and for your home improvement budget.

Permits: We will obtain all permits needed for your swimming pool removal, so you don’t have to worry with it.

Responsible debris removal. When we are finished removing your swimming pool, we will haul away all the debris and take all materials that we can to a recycling facility to reduce the impact on our environment.

Fresh grass. When your swimming pool has been removed, we will fill the area with dirt and gravel. If you wish, we will even plant grass in the space.

Contact us today at Remove A Pool and get your free estimate. Let us remove your old swimming pool in Torrance and give you a whole new yard to enjoy.