Remove A Pool specializes in Virginia swimming pool removal. An unwanted swimming pool can detract from your property and a non-functioning pool can actually be a liability. People choose to remove their swimming pools for all sorts of reasons. If you find that you no longer want your pool, you can call Remove A Pool for our expert demolition service. Once we complete your Virginia swimming pool removal, you can relax in your refreshed backyard. We’ll even plant new grass before we leave!

Remove A Pool: Experts in Virginia Swimming Pool Removal

Demolishing an in-ground pool requires heavy-duty equipment and professional know how. Remove A Pool has been safely removing Virginia swimming pools for twenty years. We feature two types of swimming pool demolitions: abandonment and exhumation. Abandonment pool removal is a partial removal of the pool; our crews will remove and haul away most of the pool. We then drill holes into the remaining pool material to enhance drainage. Our exhumation process involves the entire removal of the pool. We can help you decide what type of demolition is right for you.

Why Should You Remove Your Pool?

Although a professionally installed and excellently maintained pool can last as long as three decades (and sometimes even longer), nothing lasts forever. If the pool shell fails or the pool is beyond repair, it will need to be demolished. People in Virginia get rid of pools for various reasons such as:

House Sale: Many of our Virginia customers who plan to sell their homes contact us for the removal of their swimming pool. A swimming pool can be undesirable to some house hunters because of its tremendous upkeep and cost. On average, a Virginia pool costs about $4,000 a year to maintain. That cost puts off many people. Moreover, a pool that is old or in need of repairs will also put off a potential buyer.

Constant Repairs: As pools age, they tend to require more maintenance. Once a pool begins to break down regularly, property owners consider having it demolished and replaced or simply removed. As repair costs add up, it can be a cost-savings simply to demolish the aging pool.

No Longer Wanted: Sometimes people simply outgrow their pools. As children grow up and move out, families simply may stop using the pool as they once did. They may also want to use the land for another purpose like to expand the patio or deck or to install a garden.

New Pool: Quite a few of our Virginia customers want their old pools removed because they plan to install a brand new one.

No matter what your reason is for removing your Virginia pool, Remove A Pool will help you complete the task at a fair price. We service both residential and commercial customers.

What Is the Demolition Process?

When you call Remove A Pool for our Virginia pool removal services, we will visit your home to assess your pool. We can provide you with a cost estimate based on the services you choose. If you aren’t sure what is best for you, we can address all your concerns and explain about each type of demolition process in depth. We can also procure the necessary permits for the demolition. Once you agree to the estimate we can schedule a date for the work.

On demolition day, we will show up ready to tackle job. We bring along all the necessary earth-moving and demolition equipment. Our operators are certified and take safety seriously. You can count on them to safely and efficiently complete the demolition work.

In addition, we also remove all the debris. We will haul it to a facility that specializes in recycling this type of material. So, removing your pool is actually a great way to go green! Finally, we can fill in the cavity left by the pool removal if you choose and even plant grass before departing.

Get Rid of That Liability Today

If you no longer use your pool, you owe it to yourself to check out our demolition services. You can reclaim your yard or even provide your pets with more room to run and play. Remove A Pool provides services to both residential and commercial businesses throughout Virginia. Many hotels and apartment complexes use our services to get rid of unwanted pools or before installing a new pool. When your pool has become a liability for your property, you should seriously consider all the pros about its removal.

If you have questions about pricing, scheduling, or our demolition services, be sure to contact Remove A Pool soon. Demolition may seem like a big task, but we promise—you don’t have to worry about a thing. We take care of the entire project. You can watch our work or sit back and enjoy a televised game. Call us today to schedule your Virginia pool removal estimate.  Serving: Arlington, Alexandria, Richmond, Virginia Beach, Sterling, Leesburg, Ashburn, Vienna, Great Falls, Falls Church, Springfield, Burke, Fredericksburg, Charolottesville , Norfolk, Chantilly and more