A swimming pool is meant to provide hours of fun in the sun. However, if you’ve noticed that you are no longer enjoying your pool, but you find it rather troublesome, then it’s time to start thinking about Waldorf swimming pool removal.

Each property owner has his or her own reasons for calling Remove A Pool to inquire about back filling a swimming pool in Waldorf, Maryland. Some of the most common reasons include:

  • Swimming pool has fallen into disrepair
  • Property owner is selling the property
  • Swimming pool is not being used
  • Safety concerns outweigh the benefits of keeping the pool
  • Insurance liability issues are too great with a pool on the property

You can be confident that when you contact Remove A Pool, we will answer all your questions and promptly address your concerns. We want to put your mind at ease before making the call by providing you with an overview of the Waldorf swimming pool removal process. After you call Remove A Pool, you can expect the following:

  • We will assess your property and give you an estimate. We will also answer your questions.
  • We will need to drain any excess water from your pool before we begin working.
  • We will obtain the necessary permits for removing a swimming pool in Waldorf.
  • You have two options for your Waldorf swimming pool removal. The first option is a partial removal and involves collapsing the pool and removing the concrete. The second option is a complete removal which involves removing all components of the pool.
  • No matter what type of removal you request, Remove A Pool will fill the hole that results with dirt and gravel. This allows for proper settling and drainage.
  • Remove A Pool will clear the debris and haul it away.
  • To ensure your property is fresh and ready for you to use, we will plant new grass.

The professionals at Remove A Pool understand that you take pride in your property. We take pride in the service we provide and ensure your property will be treated with the care it deserves. We will keep you informed with every step of the process so you know what’s going on at all times. Call us today so that we can turn your dreams into reality.