Do you have a non-functioning swimming pool in your backyard just taking up space?  At Remove A Pool we specialize in swimming pool removal. We remove swimming pools from both residential and commercial locations. Whether you’ve simply outgrown your need for a pool or it’s too old to be refurbished, Remove A Pool is your ideal service provider for removing a swimming pool in Waldorf, Maryland.

Remove A Pool features experienced crews who can complete your pool removal job from start to finish. We tackle everything and will even plant grass seed if you choose before leaving the site. When it comes to removing a swimming pool in Waldorf, Maryland, our crews are already hard at work in the area and can easily work your pool’s removal into their schedule. If you want to reclaim your valuable property space, just contact us and we’ll get right to work.

Remove A Pool can completely or partially remove your unwanted pool. It doesn’t matter what condition it’s in. We have all the tools and equipment needed to deliver our services. During the process, our team of experts prioritizes safety and will work efficiently until the job is completed. If you no longer use your swimming pool, we can provide the solutions you need to take back your backyard or commercial property. We are known for our fair rates and friendly service. If you’re interested in removing a swimming pool in Waldorf Maryland is the service provider for you.

Why Do People Even Remove Swimming Pools?

Our customers have many reasons for getting rid of their pools. Some common reasons for pool removal include:

Pool No Longer Functions

An inoperable pool is simply an eyesore that prevents the homeowner or business from using the property in another capacity. If you don’t want to invest in repairs or if the pool is too aged to update, call Remove A Pool to help you reclaim your space.


Upkeep and supplies needed for a pool are expensive. Many of our customers want to cut out unnecessary expenses for their home or business. If you aren’t using your pool enough to justify its high costs, you can contact us to remove it at an affordable price.

Listing the Property for Sale

A non-functioning pool could detract from the marketability of your property if you’re listing it for sale. We often remove pools from property owners who intend to list their home or business on the real estate market.

After Remove A Pool removes your unwanted pool, we will fill it in and even plant grass seed before leaving. If you need a trusted swimming pool removal contractor in Waldorf, contact us today and we will help you create a fresh start for your property.