How often did you use your swimming pool over the past summer? Does the answer surprise you? An unused swimming pool wastes valuable yard space. Our highly skilled Wilmington swimming pool removal team at Remove A Pool provides fast, efficient service. We want to be your partner in transforming your landscape.

Reasons for Removing a Swimming Pool in Wilmington, Delaware

Along with frequently used, some of the other reasons our valuable clients provide for removing a swimming pool in Wilmington, Delaware include:

  • The pool requires major costly repairs or complete replacement.
  • Chemicals, cleanings and other maintenance expenses keep increasing.
  • When you purchased the home, the pool was already on the property.
  • Placing your home on the market, your swimming pool is a hindrance to attracting potential buyers.
  • The pool is a liability and a hazard.

Starting with our free detailed estimate, our crew will develop an individualized plan of action for demoing a swimming pool.

  • Permits: Providing a stress-free experience, our pool removal specialists will fill out the necessary paperwork to obtain the proper permits.
  • Safety First: Arriving on a predetermined date, our team assesses the area to ensure utilities are off. If necessary, we will drain the pool at this time. We follow all safety guidelines at each stage of the pool removal process.
  • Removing Your Swimming Pool: We offer two highly efficient Wilmington swimming pool removal options: abandonment and exhumation. Feel free to discuss the options in detail with our specialists to find the right one for you. Using abandonment, we leave a majority of the pool in the ground. Exhumation requires us to remove every piece of your pool from your property.
  • Fill In: We fill in any open cavities with gravel and topsoil for a clean, smooth surface for your next project.
  • Debris Cleanup: Following all regulations, we remove any usable debris for recycling. We properly dispose of any other remaining debris.

Are you ready for our premium Wilmington swimming pool removal services? Or do you still have questions about getting rid a swimming pool? Please contact us at Remove A Pool today.